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Crawler & Spiders

Our crawlers and spiders methodically browse the web and gather information from web pages and indexes all of the information on the page and drops it in a main destination e.g. database etc.


Our Spiders Can:

Provide up-to-date data

Checking Links

Validating HTML Code

Help Market Researchers find the most up-to-date words and terms used today

Web Crawlers, and using them correctly, are a crucial method for collecting data on the ever expanding web. With so many webpages being added daily, and all of the information that is constantly changing, search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing would be all but useless without them. Search engines wouldn’t work at all in fact.

How exactly our crawlers work?

When our Web Crawler visits a page it “reads” visible text, hyperlinks, tags, and keyword rich Meta tags. Using the info that it just “read” the Web Crawler will determine what the web page is about and index it.

This is just the simple synopsis of what Web Crawlers do, why, and how. Of course there are many details involved with making sure the Web Spiders read web page correctly. . If you are interested in our crawlers and spiders services, contact our marketing team.

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